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Case Studies

From high-converting content to social media growth to national ad campaigns. We deliver on your biggest brand goals.

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Instant 2x increase in ROAS

Kingdom Warriors Studios

Entertainment and education media company KWS needed high-converting content for their ad campaign. We developed a brand story ad and showcased their purpose-driven movement. Ad spend stayed the same, while ads saw over a 350%+ increase in engagements, and a 200% increase in conversions.


"The creative itself can make or break an ad campaign... that's what Brilliant does so well" 

- Eric Soll, Lead Advertising, KWS

0 to 10k Followers in 14 mos

Beauty Heroes

Starting from 0, we helped Beauty Heroes grow to 10k followers in 14 months. Our strategy included partnering in giveaways and leveraging a brand ambassador program. After 4 years of growth, we were then able to transition them to an in-house team. Their online presence reflects the use of our strategies that work.

"I've worked with Cadi on social strategy and execution since our inception... they are very valuable in helping us build our voice and audience as a brand."

- Jeannie Jarnot, CEO, Beauty Heroes

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98% CR, 100% Organic Social


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Worked with Lately to implement social media and earned marketing strategies. Over 5 years of helping them grow, sales conversion rate after booked demo is as high as 98%. All through organic earned media and organic social media.

"Cadi's marketing, social media, and social selling strategy helped us achieve remarkable engagement, connections and raving fans across platforms" - Kate Bradley Chernis

200%-400% Increased Engagement Rate

Gentlemen Republic

We worked with Gentlemen Republic to develop must-share creative content for their new product line. Our content saw an immediate 2-4x increase in engagement across social platforms.

"we know your placement is only as good as your creative... so when we need the best in the business we go to Brilliant"

- Garin Rusdi, Founder, Glain Media

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